AWS 拓展数据中心至巴林,中东

  • 巴林具体位置如图:


    今天,我们很高兴能够将 AWS 中东区域数据中心部署在巴! 随着中东地区的开放,AWS 的数据中心现在遍布全球 22 个地区,有 69 个可用区。 新的基础设施带来了先进的技术,为创新、创业和数字化转型提供了无限的机会。 从今天开始,开发人员、初创公司和企业以及政府、教育和非营利组织可以利用新的 AWS 中东地区运行其应用程序,并为中东地区的用户提供服务。


    Today we are thrilled to be opening the AWS Middle East Region in Bahrain!

    With the opening of the Middle East Region, AWS now spans 22 geographic regions and 69 Availability Zones worldwide. The new infrastructure brings advanced technologies that open up limitless opportunities for innovation, entrepreneurship, and digital transformation. Starting today, developers, startups, and enterprises, as well as government, education, and nonprofit organizations can leverage the new AWS Middle East Region to run their applications, and serve end-users across the Middle East.

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